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Loaded with conditioning butters, aroma therapeutic essential oils and nourishing infused herbs, this 3 in 1 product can't be beat! This multi-use product is great for promoting healing of new tattoos and helps old tattoos look vibrant once again without the greasiness.  It conditions all types of Facial hair while providing the right amount of scent and control for even the most unruly beards.  Placing the essential oil balm on pulse points provides a great unisex cologne for those that don't care for synthetic fragrances. This lightweight, absorbent, non-greasy product contains luxury butters, oils, and 18 herbs that condition, hydrate and nourish your skin and hair!  It is available in 3 great scents: 

Hawk- woodsy/grounding scent 

Raven- wonderfully blended minty scent

Phoenix- light lavender/chamomile scent 

Urban's Edge Tatto + Beard + Body Nourishing Balm

SKU: 0003
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